Whisk(e)y Tasting Testimonials

Do you want to Book a Tasting with us but you’re not sure what to expect? Here’s what others have experienced at our events:

Fun, informative, low-pressure, no judgment way to help you learn about whisky (or whiskey) and more importantly, help you understand what kind of whisk(e)ys you like and why.

Carlos, Atlanta, GA

This is my second Whiskey Smiths tasting and I loved it! I always thought I liked bourbon but it turns out I prefer rye! And this time around I learned I prefer new oak to used barrels. I actually feel a little smarter and I have a better idea of what to buy. Thanks Whiskey Smiths!

Jenny, Atlanta, GA

I always thought I didn’t really like whiskey. Through the tasting, I’ve found out that I actually like it! I’ve gotten an idea of the taste that I like, and I’m excited to learn more about whiskey and to refine my palate more. I highly recommend this tasting!

Chloe, Jacksonville, FL

First whiskey tasting experience, I came in and had a booklet full of information. My first thought was “I’m not going to understand.” Well, I was wrong. Zac & LeAnne were very informative, knowledgeable without being overwhelming or snooty. I loved the experience, I’ve learned so much. Cannot wait to do this again.

MariaElena, Miami, FL

I fully enjoyed my first whisk(e)y tasting! I came into it with very limited whiskey knowledge but I felt this tasting was presented in a very approachable way. I liked that we were encouraged to make our own decision and not made to feel like our opinions were wrong. I still have a lot to learn, but this was quite a good start! I feel more equipped to analyze my own tastes now.

Alicia, Jacksonville, FL

This was really informative. I know nothing about whiskey, I thought it was just that burny drink that men drink to grow chest hair. This blind tasting helped me learn and see the complexity of whisk(e)y. It helped me find something I could actually enjoy and sip. Thanks Whisk(e)y Smiths! Looking forward to learning more!

Alina, Deerfield Beach, FL

My wife and I love the Whisk(e)y Smiths. They’ve taught us everything we know about whiskey. I used to think whiskey was just “strong,” but now I understand the nuances of the drink. I now know why I’d order or liked a certain whiskey. Thank you Whiskey Smiths.

Augusto, Deerfield Beach, FL

I really enjoyed learning the differences between new barrel age & used barrel. It was so enjoyable to taste all the different whiskey styles. Amazing!

JoAnnie, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you Whiskey Smiths,

I really enjoyed the whiskey tasting. I am used to wine tastings and this exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the journey using my palate. I have a much better understand of what I like and how to identify it. Thanks again.

Jorge, Miami, FL

Dear Whiskey Smiths,

Thank you for your eye-opening presentation. I didn’t realize the many subtleties in varying whiskeys. Now, armed with this knowledge, I can examine every taste with deductive reasoning. Who knew?! Science, chemistry, whiskey, olfactory senses all in one lesson. Many thanks!!! Let’s do it again!

Joe, Jacksonville, FL

The Whiskey Smiths not only understand whiskey but share their passion in an infectious manner. Their knowledge and passion for whiskey can bring whiskey drinkers together to share in an intellectual and in-depth breakdown of a multitude of whiskies from various parts of the globe. A tasting with the Whiskey Smiths is more than a singular event, but rather a stepping stone towards the discovery for one’s true love and interest in whiskey.

Carlos, Miami, FL

Wow!!!  WhiskeySmiths took us on a whimsical journey down the rabbit hole to land smack dab in the middle of a whiskey party.  Such an enjoyable trip, I didn’t want it to end.  Thank you Zac and LeAnne, I would follow you anywhere your whiskey trail leads.

Steven, Pittsburgh, PA

WhiskeySmiths took care of everything for our house party. The evening was laidback, yet classy. They know their stuff and make learning about the nuances of whiskey fun!

Kate, Asheville, NC