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Wonder what a Whisk(e)y Tasting with us is like? Here’s what attendees have said:

The Whiskey Smiths not only understand whiskey but share their passion in an infectious manner. Their knowledge and passion for whiskey can bring whiskey drinkers together to share in an intellectual and in-depth breakdown of a multitude of whiskies from various parts of the globe. A tasting with the Whiskey Smiths is more than a singular event, but rather a stepping stone towards the discovery for one’s true love and interest in whiskey.

Carlos, Miami, FL

First whiskey tasting experience, I came in and had a booklet full of information. My first thought was “I’m not going to understand.” Well, I was wrong. Zac & LeAnne were very informative, knowledgeable without being overwhelming or snooty. I loved the experience, I’ve learned so much. Cannot wait to do this again.

MariaElena, Miami, FL

Whisk(e)y Wednesday

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Our Story


The first time we met we shared whiskey. Our first date was a whiskey tasting. There was whiskey at our wedding. When our best friends moved away there was a parting glass of whiskey. There was whiskey passed around when grandma died. Whiskey on anniversaries. Whiskey on memorable camping trips. Whiskey at picnics. New friendships cemented and old ones celebrated with whiskey. High times accentuated and low moments contemplated with a swirl of liquid gold.

Along life’s road we’ve selected whiskies to honor mile markers and special moments. Our friends learned this about us and soon all knew, if something special was happening, the Smiths were bringing whiskey.

Eventually we became the go to people for whiskey questions and tastings. We started reading and studying more about whiskey. And then just that fast, we were flying to Austin, TX to attend the Whiskey Marketing School.

We’ve since graduated and are now certified Whisk(e)y Sommeliers. What does that mean? It means we love whiskey. But mostly, it means we love the people, stories, and moments that make whiskey great. If you ever want to put a marker in the road with us we’ll have some whiskey waiting for you.